Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Creating Rooms and Room List in Exchange2010

Few days back when I wanted to create some rooms and room lists in Outlook I was struggling. I tried gathering information from the net and finally managed to find the best solution. So this post is for all the folks who want to create rooms and room List in Exchange 2010.

Almost all of us depend on Microsoft Outlook to manage our official mails efficiently. Outlook has a lot of useful features such as organizing mails, scheduling meeting invites, enabling out of office setting, creating contacts/tasks, and many more. Without Outlook most of us would have been in total mess managing the surplus mails.

While scheduling a meeting, we look out for the availability of the attendees and the rooms. Have any of us wondered how are these rooms managed. Well it is very simple. There are numerous room lists in an organisation and each room list has numerous rooms. The question then arises how to create a room Lists and rooms, how to put a set of rooms under a room list, etc etc. This answer is also pretty simple.

Creating new room list:

  • Launch the "Exchange Management Shell".
  • To create a new room list, type the following in the Exchange management shell:
New-DistributionGroup -Name "Building 1 Conference Rooms” -RoomList
  • The room list named "Building 1 Conference Rooms" is created. 
Creating new rooms:
  • Launch the "Exchange Management Console".
  • Select the mailbox option and click on "New Mailbox" option. 
  • Select the option "Room Mailbox". Click on "Next"
  • Select the option "New user". Click on "Next".
  • Specify the First name(for eg room1) and the relevant details. Click on "Next".
  • After clicking on "Finish", the room is created. 
Putting rooms under a room list:

After creating rooms they are generally put under a roomlist. So to put rooms under a roomList:
  • Open the "Active Directory and Users".
  • Find the particular room list. 
  • Right click on the required room list and select "Properties"
  • Option to add members will be available. The required rooms can be added to the room list.
The rooms and room lists are successfully created. They can be used to schedule meetings. 


  1. We have a main "conference room" calendar set up in Outlook which people put their meetings on there and chose the "category" for which room they need. If i follow the instructions above and create "rooms".. once they chose the room when scheduling the meeting, can it be synced to appear on the main "conference room" calendar?

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