Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Solving Space issues in Solaris

Most of us have encountered couple of space issues with Solaris. But sometimes it so happens that there will be space available in the machine but still one cannot install the required software. The below message is shown:

"There is not enough space to install the software. It requires 1,000,223 bytes of space but your machine has just 308,777 bytes free.Please free 691,446 bytes of memory ".

After seeing this message, the most obvious thing which all of us would do is find how much space is available by  using df -eh command. Surprisingly there will be a lot of space on the machine but still the same message is thrown. Thoughts and questions arise as to why?what?how? The amateurs will find it extremely difficult to proceed further.

In the above situation the solution is very simple. This simply happens because the "tmp" directory under root  has very less space. This "tmp" directory stores temporary files during installation by default. So one should manually set the temporary directory to any directory which has space. This is done by the following command:

#export IATEMPDIR=<directory which has space>

For example, If the "tmp" directory under /opt has sufficient space, then the command should be:

#export IATEMPDIR=/opt/tmp/

This can also be:

By doing the above, the temporary directory where the install files are kept is changed to a new directory which has sufficient space. The software will install properly with no issues now.
Hope this post will be helpful for folks who are stuck up with this issue.


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